Deeds & Property Transfer

Preparing and filing deeds and other legal and estate planning documents does not need to be complicated. In Arizona, either a quitclaim deed or warranty deed can add someone to the title of property you own. A deed is a written document that shows ownership of a property and is also used to transfer ownership.

Quitclaim Deeds
Often used between parties who know each other, this type of deed transfers property interest to another person or legal entity. Ownership is transferred, but no guarantees or promises about other legal interest in the property is made.

Warranty Deeds
A warranty deed guarantees or promises that the property is free and clear of any other legal interest. Ownership is transferred, and the grantor (the person signing away interest) is guaranteeing that there are no liens against the property.

An Affidavit of Property Value is required for all property transfers unless the exemption code is included on your deed. Should an exemption code not apply, an Affidavit of Property Value can be prepared and recorded.

Beyond the property transfer itself, our preparer will also work with you on the property title details. From sole ownership or tenancy in common to community property with right to survivorship, the deed specifies what type of ownership you have. We can review your deed to be sure it fits with your estate plan goals.

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